[PDB Data Ownership-TF] conditions for being listed in a facility

Chris Caputo ccaputo at alt.net
Tue Jan 7 11:00:03 PST 2020

I just posted the following to the Data Ownership Policy Document, based 
on discussion in today's conf.  Feedback welcome.



Facilities public listing decision process:

Networks and IXPs decide for themselves whether they wish to be listed at 
a facility, but a facility can control whether a listing by a network/IXP 
is public.  A facility is not able to list a network/IXP as being present 
at a facility unless the network/IXP has taken action for this to happen.

Some facilities are willing to have networks and IXPs self-describe 
themselves as being present at a facility, while other facilities prefer 
prior approval in advance of any listing.  Thus we recommend a facility 
flag (ex: fFacilityPriorApproval, default FALSE) that determines whether 
PeeringDB allows a network/IXP to be visible as being at a facility 
without affirmative agreement from a facility.

Flowchart initial:

[Has network/IXP listed themselves at the facility?] -> No -> [No listing occurs.]
[fFacilityPriorApproval] -> FALSE -> [Listing occurs, but may later be disabled by facility.]
[Listing does not occur and facility is notified of need for review such as by email and/or indication on facility page.]

Facility review, either as a reaction to notification or just by browsing 
their facility page:

[Does facility approve of listing?] -> Yes -> [Listing occurs if fFacilityPriorApproval is FALSE or simply continues if fFacilityPriorApproval is TRUE.]
[Listing does not occur and involved network/IXP is notified via email and/or indication on object page.]

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