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Filiz Yilmaz filiz at peeringdb.com
Wed Jan 29 04:48:29 PST 2020

Hi Terry,

I have not received further feedback on this but we did talk about it during the last TF meeting. 

If we can arrange a place to meet during APRICOT can we make sure it will have connectivity too? 
This way we can open Goto meetings and provide the opportunity for others to join in too, assuming the time will be manageable for them. 

If no one can attend we can still have a discussion and reflect those on the mailing list for other to follow-up later on. 

Pls let me know which date/time the room can be made available so I will schedule a Goto meeting.

Kind regards

> On 9 Jan 2020, at 17:21, Filiz Yilmaz <filiz at peeringdb.com> wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> Thank you for your offer. I will be there and I will be very happy to meet you and others in person as I am there. 
> Nothing beats a face-to-face when especially discussing conflicting views :). 
> Having said that I think we should be mindful about setting the ground rules for such a meeting. 
> We are geographically diverse and we have so far adapted having online meetings where the date and time set each time based on a Doodle poll. 
> I am worried a face to face meeting at APRICOT may result in not having majority of the group present and not being able to follow or participate in the discussions.
> Due to time difference challenges, we may not be able to conduct such an online meeting for others to join in, whilst some (or worse only few) of us meet in person during APRICOT. Accordingly, I would suggest if that happens to be the case, we only have an informal meeting during APRICOT. 
> We can discuss issues and come up with suggestions for the rest of the TF to consider, but no decisions are to be taken during that meeting, if we are to lack a critical mass of participants. 
> Would this work for everyone? 
> Thoughts? 
> Kind regards
> Filiz
>> On 8 Jan 2020, at 00:19, Terry Sweetser <Terry.Sweetser at ix.asn.au <mailto:Terry.Sweetser at ix.asn.au>> wrote:
>> Hi Taskforce,
>> If you’re coming to Apricot 2020 in Melbourne, I suggest we have a get-together in person at the event.  I can organise a space for a meeting.
>> Ref: https://2020.apricot.net/ <https://2020.apricot.net/>
>> Regards,
>> Terry Sweetser
>> General Manager, IX Australia
>> Terry.Sweetser at ix.asn.au <mailto:tim at ix.asn.au>
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