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Belatedly ... 

The meetings are not convenient times for me and some others by the looks.

In a governance sense, a quorum is not available in the meetings, so resolutions are not possible.

It would be more practical to run an online poll, given the email list will likely flood with +1s and other noise.

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It is with a heavy heart and a desire to not offend anyone, including our Chair - Filiz, that I state I am uncomfortable with the amount of significance placed on decisions made by a small group of people on the phone calls, without some concept of a quorum that honors our 19 members.

Further, people that have crucial information and wisdom to provide are often not able to attend the call.

Therefore I will not be on the call today nor am I likely to listen to the recording afterward.

Respectfully, I believe this mailing list is where matters should be deliberated and decided, so that all active task force members are able to participate in a way that encourages thoughtfulness and consensus.

I wonder how others feel.

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