[PDB Announce] PeeringDB "finger" service retirement and creation of whois.peeringdb.com

Chris Caputo ccaputo at peeringdb.com
Wed Nov 14 08:26:31 PST 2018

As disclosed in the minutes of a recent PeeringDB board meeting (*) please 
be aware of the following changes to PeeringDB services:

  - The "finger" service will stop operating on December 1st, 2018.

  - The "whois" service is now available via "whois.peeringdb.com".  It 
    will not be reachable via other hostnames after December 1st, 2018.
    Example usage:

      whois -h whois.peeringdb.com as1

These changes are steps toward increased reliability in the form of 
enabling both IPv4 and IPv6 load balancing of the web/API servers.  At 
present IPv4 is load balanced while IPv6 scaling is based on DNS 

Please let me know of any comments/questions/concerns.

Chris Caputo on behalf of PeeringDB Operations

*: https://docs.peeringdb.com/gov/legaldocs/2018-10-09_PeeringDB_Board_Minutes.pdf

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