[PDB Announce] PeeringDB 2.13.X release at 2019-06-12T0400Z

Eric Loos eric at ipergy.net
Fri May 31 11:49:03 PDT 2019

On Wednesday, June 12th at 0400Z, the current beta site will be  deployed unless any critical issues are found. Your help in verifying that the newly deployed code works well by thoroughly testing https://beta.peeringdb.com <https://beta.peeringdb.com/> would be greatly appreciated. Please review the changes and test against beta as necessary to prepare for the production roll out.

Our previous release 2.12.X mainly included updates on the IX-F importer to improve the data quality on the objects in PeeringDB and some behind the scenes functionality for the amazing volunteer team that is Admin-Com.
In 2.13.x we are bringing you a number of new features which are part of the #313 epic that you can find here: https://github.com/peeringdb/peeringdb/issues/313 <https://github.com/peeringdb/peeringdb/issues/313>

Most notable mentions:
- recaptcha option that also works in China
- Improved search filter for Networks (advanced search)
- Various improvements on IP address checking
- Backend changes that will allow us to separate read/write operations, allowing more distribution of data for read-only consumption

Below the list of individual issues that were addressed:
- Pr 503 remove partners page (#504)
- Remove Partners link and page (#503)
- sort facilities by country doesn't work (#495)
- Pr qu20011 backlog issues (#493)
- Wrap long text #485 (#486)
- Text should wrap and not be cut off (#485)
- De-accent on searches (#310)
- Rehaul Renumber IP Space tool (#305)
- Add mask to Renumber IP Space tool (#304)
- Add feature to renumber IPv6 ranges to Renumber IP Space tool (#303)
- IRR Record on website vs. irr_as_set (#260)
- AS-SET schema (#202)
- number of connected networks in the Exchanges search results (#66)
- recaptcha doesn't work in China (#38)
- Check network's IXP IP address against IXP's IP range (#8)

Preview is at: https://beta.peeringdb.com <https://beta.peeringdb.com/>
The changes that were incorporated in this release can be found in more detail here: https://beta.peeringdb.com/changes <https://beta.peeringdb.com/changes>

As always, let us know at support at peeringdb.com <http://peeringdb.com/> with any comments/questions/concerns.

Eric Loos on behalf of PeeringDB ProductCom
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