[PDB-gov] Voting eligibility

Chris Caputo ccaputo at alt.net
Fri Nov 20 17:02:01 PST 2015

Among other things, PeeringDB enables networks to see what facilities 
other networks are at.

You can browse by facility and see who has publicly listed themselves as 
being present.  You might even use that data for non-IP peering purposes, 
like whose got fiber where.

Or you can browse by IXP and see who has publicly listed themselves as 
being present at an exchange.

The Seattle Internet Exchange automatedly uses PeeringDB for data such as 
whether a network at the exchange is doing IPv6, their peering policy, 
what speed they are advertising publicly as their connection speed, and 
how many prefixes they claim to advertise (which we also use as the basis 
for max prefix in the SIX route servers).  We used PeeringDB for all that 
information prior to ever having an ASN for our route servers.


On Fri, 20 Nov 2015, bill manning wrote:
> Ok, so this is enlightening.  What is the point of placing non-peering 
> data into a peeringDataBase?  Is this because peering involves more than 
> just an abstract layer3 (BGP) policy constraint?  Peering, as used 
> historically as "meet-me" space to cross connect and the policy is the 
> cross-connect contract?  If so, then some of us (well me) have been too 
> narrowly focused on the L3/BGP point.
> But this "layer violation" has lead to a flurry of emails.  And for me, 
> it has been enlightening. So Sorry to make some of you winch at how long 
> it took me to see this other facet.  Are there others?
> On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 2:51 PM, Chris Caputo <secretary at peeringdb.com> wrote:
>       As written, ASNs are not the basis of membership criteria.  PeeringDB
>       serves more than networks/ASNs.  As written, colocation facilities and
>       IXPs are also able to be members.  Any organization with an active (ie.,
>       not banned) PeeringDB record, is able to be a member.
>       If folks want to make ASNs be the basis of membership criteria, then in
>       doing so they would be disenfranchising many existing users of PeeringDB.
>       Chris

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