[PDB-gov] Promoting the election [was: organizational documents]

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Oct 21 07:47:02 PDT 2015

On 21/Oct/15 16:33, Patrick Gilmore wrote:

> I completely agree the board elections have a big impact. Personally,
> I think the more, the merrier. I would love to see everyone voting.
> However, I also think The PDB has done a pretty good job “promoting”
> this. An email was sent to _every_single_contact_ in the DB. And when
> we did that, we explained that if people wanted to be involved, here
> were the lists to join. In that email, we promised not to do it again.
> I would like to hold to that promise.
> We also went to multiple conferences, talked to individuals, sent the
> survey around, etc., etc. This is not PDB trying to hide anything.
> If anyone would like to post to NANOG, or announce at a conference,
> feel free. Again, nothing to hide. But my personal opinion is most
> people are tired of hearing about this. The community has been asked
> multiple times, and their voices are overwhelmingly clear. Well, OK,
> the vast majority of people are more in the “huh, did you say
> something?” category. But the ones who do give a shit have repeatedly
> and overwhelmingly said “get on with it” and “keep it independent”.
> So we are trying to do just that with the least amount of annoyance to
> people who did not “opt in”.
> In summary, you are welcome - encouraged! - to socialize this however
> you feel appropriate. Get your friends to join pdb-gov. Get them to
> vote. Get them involved. Post to whatever mailing list you like - as
> yourself, individually. But I am conflicted about the PDB organization
> itself sending more emails to more people after we said we would not.

I agree with Patrick.

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