[PDB-gov] Call for candidates for initial Board of Directors

Chris Caputo secretary at peeringdb.com
Sun Oct 25 17:01:53 PDT 2015

While discussion of the organizational documents continues, here is a call 
for candidates for the initial Board of Directors for PeeringDB.

Per the October 20th announcement:

 - There will be elections for the initial Board of Directors. Candidacies 
   along with max 300 word statements should be submitted to 
   secretary at peeringdb.com prior to November 15th. Anyone can run for 
   election to the initial Board.

 - The interim Secretary (tentatively Chris Caputo) will send out ballots 
   to pdb-gov on November 15th, with voting to happen through November 
   30th. The org docs currently proscribe one ballot per member 
   organization. The interim Secretary will break ties through public 
   random means. The Secretary will not be eligible for election to the 
   initial Board.

 - The initial Board will decide on officers, per the tentative Bylaws. 
   The draft documents will then be signed and filed.

The most recent draft documents are up at:


The draft documents indicate 5 initial members of the Board of Directors. 
These Directors will serve until the first annual meeting in April 2016.

Board meetings and Member meetings will be held online/telephonically.

The above dates are UTC. For example, candidates must submit their name 
and maximum 300 word statement, as determined by POSIX "wc -w" command, by 
November 14th 23:59:59 UTC 2015.

A voter's guide containing the current list of candidates and statements, 
sorted alphabetically by last name, will be kept updated at:


Candidates may revise their statements until the November 15th UTC 
cut-off. On November 15th UTC, ballots with candidate names and statements 
will be emailed to pdb-gov at lists.peeringdb.com.

Please submit your candidacy or questions/concerns to 
secretary at peeringdb.com.  Note that email to secretary at peeringdb.com goes 
to Chris Caputo, Patrick Gilmore and Richard Turkbergen.

Discussion/questions/concerns also welcome on pdb-gov at lists.peeringdb.com.


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