[PDB-gov] April Member Meeting & Call for Candidates for Board of Directors

Chris Caputo secretary at peeringdb.com
Thu Apr 7 01:00:34 PDT 2016

At present there are 6 candidates listed at:


There is just over a week left before the candidacy & statement cut-off 
prior to April 15th UTC.

Chris Caputo
Secretary, PeeringDB

On Thu, 31 Mar 2016, Chris Caputo wrote:
> Mark your calendars. The April Member Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 
> April 21st at 1600 UTC, for one hour. The meeting will be held online. 
> Meeting details to follow.
> This is a call for candidates for the Board of Directors for PeeringDB.
>  - The second half of April, there will be an election for the Board of 
>    Directors. Like the last election, BigPulse.com will be used, along 
>    with Single-Transferable-Vote (STV). The STV results table will be part 
>    of the election results.
>  - Candidacies along with max 300 word statements should be submitted to 
>    secretary at peeringdb.com prior to April 15th UTC. Anyone can run for 
>    election to the Board.
> The organization documents (Articles, Bylaws, etc), Board meeting minutes, 
> and finances, are up at:
>   http://gov.peeringdb.com/
> There are 5 members of the Board of Directors, all of which are up for 
> election this year.
> The Bylaws proscribe staggered Board elections. Based on the BigPulse.com 
> STV results, the top two candidates will get Board terms of 2 years, while 
> the next three candidates will get Board terms of 1 year. Next year, there 
> will be three seats up for election, all with 2 year terms.
> Candidates must submit their name and maximum 300 word statement, as 
> determined by the POSIX "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 wc -w" command, by April 14th 
> 23:59:59 UTC 2016.
> A voters' guide containing the current list of candidates and statements, 
> sorted alphabetically by last name, will be kept updated at:
>   http://docs.peeringdb.com/gov/misc/2016-04-14_election.html
> Candidates may revise their statements until the April 15th UTC cut-off. 
> Please submit your candidacy or questions/concerns to 
> secretary at peeringdb.com. Note that email to secretary at peeringdb.com goes 
> to Chris Caputo and observer Steven Feldman.
> Discussion/questions/concerns also welcome on pdb-gov at lists.peeringdb.com.
> Chris Caputo
> Secretary, PeeringDB

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