[PDB Gov] PeeringDB Board Election voter registration

Chris Caputo secretary at peeringdb.com
Fri Apr 14 19:55:52 PDT 2017

NOTE: If you have already received your ballot, feel free to ignore this
message unless you need to update your previous registration.

You are receiving this email as a subscriber to the PeeringDB pdb-gov 
Governance mailing list.

We are using a voting web site known as BigPulse to conduct the April 15th 
through 29th PeeringDB Board election.

Before you can get access to the ballot at BigPulse, we need to know that 
you are the sole authorized representative voter for an organization with 
an active PeeringDB account.

Further, we need to confirm that your organization is not affiliated with 
any other organization intending to vote.  The Bylaws up at 
govern affiliation as follows:

   - '2.3.2 Members who are affiliated with each other are entitled to a 
     total of one vote upon each issue. "Affiliate" means, with respect to 
     a particular person, any entity that directly or indirectly controls, 
     is controlled by, or is under common control with such person.'

If you intend to vote, please respond to this email with answers to the 

(If you are not voting or have already received a ballot, there is no need 
to respond to this email.)

1) Organization ASN: (put N/A if not applicable)


2) Organization Name:


3) I am the sole authorized voter for this organization:  (yes or no)


4) This organization is affiliated (per the definition above) with these 
   other ASNs/organizations:  (put N/A if not applicable)


5) Email address to which BigPulse should send the ballot login, if 
   different than your own:  (example: peering at example.net)


The Policy or other contact email address in your organization's PeeringDB 
record will be informed that you are voting for your organization, so 
please make sure you are pre-authorized to do so.

For the month of April, email to secretary at peeringdb.com goes to election 
observer Steven Feldman and myself.

Chris Caputo
PeeringDB Secretary

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