[PDB Tech] Using the API for integration into LibreNMS

Neil Lathwood n at laf.io
Wed Mar 22 03:31:22 PDT 2017

> Arnold's response about the multi ASN query is worth doing.
> I would also point out that there's always other options.
> 1) Do a "sync" and have a local copy of the database to query (we do this
> at Cloudflare for our peering tools and I know that others do the same).
> 2) Keep a cached copy of the data for any object so that if you see the
> same ASN more than once you will have what you already need. Note that
> keeping data cached for X days is pretty safe; where X is your choosing.
> 3) Throw caution to the wind and simply say "If we are a legit user of the
> data; then PDB should be built with the capability to handle the populace
> of users in the world".
> I actually like #3 as this sounds like a pretty legit user of the data;
> plus I know a pretty cool CDN that could help PDB handle the added load! :)
For now, I've left it how it is and chosen not to hit the PDB API for the
AS Name. We have a release due out Sunday, if this caused issues then those
would persist until the next release so I'll see how it goes as is and get
some feedback and then look at switching to use PDB for the last lookup in
between releases to further test.

The code is now present in our master branch which updates daily for users
not on stable releases so you may start seeing people using it (it's still
disabled by default) from now on wards. Let me know if you see any issues
on the PDB side. I did at the last minute change to only populate the data
once every 71 hours (just under 3 days so it would be repopulated on the
daily scheduled tasks that run).

Thanks for the service folks.

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