[PDB Tech] incomplete local sync

Stefan Pratter stefan at 20c.com
Thu Mar 23 21:49:51 PDT 2017

The one situation that comes to mind that would cause what you are 
describing is if you are running an older version of django-peeringdb 
and it's failing validation on some of the enum fields that had values 
added to them - e.g. they are valid on the server, but not valid locally 
- which would affect a lot of the entities that are missing for you.

Furthermore it would notify you of that failure initially, but 
consecutive runs of sync on that same database may appear to complete 
successfully depending on which objects they touch.

To be sure, i just ran a local sync on a fresh database and on an 
existing one and it behaves normally for me in both cases.

Tested with these versions:


What is the output when you run peeringdb sync on a fresh database?


On 23/03/2017 23.58, Greg Dendy wrote:
> Hola PDB-Tech
> I’ve noticed that my peeringdb sql syncs over the last week or so are
> considerably smaller than normal, by about 75%.  The sync process
> appears to complete successfully, but network, facility, and IX records
> appear to be missing.
> Anyone else seeing this behavior?
> Are there any known issues with the sync function that could cause this
> behavior?
> Thanks,
> Greg
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