[PDB Data Ownership-TF] Last Call for pseudo_code for netixlan ownership

Filiz Yilmaz filiz at peeringdb.com
Tue Feb 18 18:55:33 PST 2020

Dear all, 

13 Feb has passed and I have not heard any objections. 

I believe we can safely sign off on this point.
Thanks Chris again working out the details. 

As decided during Meeting #7, we can proceed with reflecting this to the Policy Document. 

To my count it was Chris, William and I who volunteered for that. 

Kind regards

> On 7 Feb 2020, at 06:42, Filiz Yilmaz <filiz at peeringdb.com> wrote:
> Dear all, 
> Following our conference call today and support for it so far, pseudo_code proposed by Chris is now in Last Call. 
> If you have objections you can bring them up in the relevant thread with Subject line "Last Call: IXP assignment IP address (netixlan) ownership”.
> The Last Call will end on 13 February. 
> After that we will conclude it reached consensus from the TF and we will proceed with reflecting the agreements from it to the write up of the Policy Document as noted in the highlights of the Meeting #7. 
> Kind regards
> Filiz
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