[PDB Data Ownership-TF] IXP assignment IP address (netixlan) ownership

Terry Sweetser Terry.Sweetser at ix.asn.au
Fri Jan 24 15:30:04 PST 2020

Hi Arnold,

I've added those ideas and concerns.

As Chris has hinted, those interventions are also very good opportunities for some automation to prod and poke networks and IXP for better data.

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> Sheet at
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> wy5qY4Gipsvno/edit#gid=1606364876

My understanding of "allow_ixp_update: yes" is that the IX-F importer will update data if it differs. Regardless which fields differ. And it will also create an object if there is none. That was the other main intention to have "allow_ixp_update: yes".

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