[PDB Data Ownership-TF] draft "Data Ownership Policy Document"

Arnold Nipper arnold at nipper.de
Wed Mar 4 13:23:22 PST 2020

On 04.03.2020 21:19, William Marantz wrote:

> I really like the recommendation and action item to prevent the
> deletion of objects that would impact dependent objects. I did not 
> realize this was allowed today and can envision operational impacts
> if there is an accidental or malicious deletion of a "parent"
> object.

One of the most important paradigms is that you own your data. Hence,
e.g. an ix is able to delete an ixlan. If they do, automatically all
netixlans pointing to this ixlan are deleted. And this *has* happened.
Never to harm someone, but always not knowing what implications the
deletion has.

That was the reason I asked Chris to add this recommendation. May be we
should rephrase the paradigm to "You own your data and may do with it
whatever you want unless you don't harm others"

Arnold Nipper
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