[PDB-gov] eligible member list creation

Matt Griswold grizz at 20c.com
Fri Nov 6 13:04:52 PST 2015

Agree, sounds reasonable.

* Dave Temkin <dave at temk.in> [151106 21:56 +0100]:
> Any organization runs this risk, I think. You could send out an email
> after the automated "vote opens" email to every contact, saying "if
> you didn't receive a voting link, please contact us" and then just
> de-dupe those by hand. Probably way easier than doing it the other
> way around.
> That said, I have to imagine many of the email addrs in pdb2 are not
> the same ones people use for mailing lists, so I'd expect a decent
> amount of manual input. Perhaps something for the election committee
> to manage (given it would only be a couple hundred at most)
And posting here - everyone please make sure your email addresses match
your PDB ones to make managing voting easier :)

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