[PDB-gov] eligible member list creation

Matt Griswold grizz at 20c.com
Sun Nov 8 03:33:37 PST 2015

Initial test script is done, https://github.com/peeringdb/ballotgen

Of the 230 pdb-gov members, 87 direct matches, 47 full name matches,
leaving 96 unaccounted for. I've manually mapped a few over while
testing, some of them are pretty obvious.

I tried removing +<something>@domain and got no matches on that. The
full name matches seem a bit dubious, so I changed that to output in
paste format for the map file, I think we'll have to go through that

I created a map file format for doing the conversion and allowing a
single vote for each org, so the election committee can keep track of
how that goes, and probably will add a report file that can go with the
generated list for bigpulse. The main issue is where to store the map
and report files, since it's information that shouldn't be available

Input welcome.

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