[PDB-gov] Voting eligibility

Florian Hibler fhibler at peeringdb.com
Sun Nov 15 01:54:39 PST 2015

Good morning pdb-gov,
after my attempt to register for voting on the PDB board yesterday, I
figured out, that I am (according to the bylaws, as Chris told me),
not eligible to vote, as I am not representing an org with a PeeringDB
entry at the moment. Nethertheless I am actively involved into PDB and
according to Matt Griswold I should be entitled to vote.

The paragraph which excludes me from voting is according to Chris the
following in the bylaws

2.2 Qualifications for Membership:
"A corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other legal
business entity may be a Member of the Corporation. Membership is
determined by having both an active PeeringDB.com account and an
individual representative or role subscription to the PeeringDB
Governance mailing list:
Members may have such other qualifications as the Board may prescribe
by amendment to these Bylaws."

Matt sees it a bit different, so we decided to bring the topic up here
and see what other people think about it. Your input is highly
appreciated and looking very much forward to hear from you on this


Florian Hibler <fhibler at peeringdb.com>
PeeringDB Administrator

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