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I read it as (and did when we were making it) a corporation may be a
member in addition to an individual. Not a huge deal and I agree that
we shouldn't change any language now, but thought it should be brought
up for future board consideration.

In cases like this, where Florian isn't currently at an organization
yet retains his account because he's an admin and does tickets, I think
he should still have a voice in any election.

In RIPE land you don't have to be a corporation to hold resources, you can be a natural human being. So I can be Peering Db member as myself, (plus represent a Corporation, in my caseFlexoptix GmbH).

That is myself as an individual, as I do not need to be a business to hold the resources.

The articles would suggest that I cannot be a voting member in that case since they specifically refer to a Business Entity, but they do say it could be varied in the future.

- 2.2 Qualifications for Membership.
 - A corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other
legal business entity may be a Member of the Corporation.
Membership is determined by having both an active PeeringDB.com<http://peeringdb.com/>
account and an individual representative or role subscription to
the PeeringDB Governance mailing list:


 - Members may have such other qualifications as the Board may
prescribe by amendment to these Bylaws.

So as I read it Florian has to represent a business just now, whatever role he does or does not play in the organisation.

BTW I don't know if the other RIRs are similar in who they allow to hold resources.



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