[PDB-gov] Voting eligibility

Pierfrancesco Caci pf at caci.it
Thu Nov 19 01:16:43 PST 2015

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Caputo <secretary at peeringdb.com> writes:

    Chris>   - 2 organizations have been disallowed from voting due to
    Chris>     coming under  
    Chris>     the purview of the draft bylaws affiliate clause (*).  1 was 
    Chris>     disallowed because of a parent organization affiliation,
    Chris>     and 1 was  
    Chris>     disallowed because of a common control affiliation.

After this election is over, I suggest that we talk about when a
controlled organization is independent enough to get their own vote
besides that of the parent. One of the 2 orgs that have been disallowed
could well have voted independently of mine, in my opinion. 


Pierfrancesco Caci

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