[PDB-gov] organizational documents

Chris Caputo secretary at peeringdb.com
Tue Oct 20 12:39:22 PDT 2015

Alright folks, please give those org docs a review...  The basic layout is 
that the Organizational Consent comes first:


It references the other documents in this order:


Feel free to share any questions, concerns or comments.


On Tue, 20 Oct 2015, Chris Caputo wrote:
> Results of the survey which ended August 15th, along with anonymous
> comments are up at:
>   https://www.caputo.com/pdb/20150800_PDB_Survey_results.pdf
> 91 responses, of which 89 voted for the main question:
>  PeeringDB functions should be performed by:
>  - 35 votes, 39.33%: "An independent 501(C)(6) (Not for profit) PeeringDB,
>       with it's own elected board and members"
>  - 14 votes, 15.73%: "The existing global standards body OpenIX 501(C)(6)
>       (Not for profit)"
>  - 10 votes, 11.24%: "The existing regional organization NANOG 501(C)(3)
>       (Not for profit)"
>  - 30 votes, 33.71%: "I don't care just as long as PeeringDB keeps
>       working"
> That looks like a clear vote for independence, given that the number for
> independence is 45% more than the combined votes for OpenIX and NANOG.
> Based on this, we are going to continue working toward becoming an 
> independent non-profit corporation. In the interest of broad support, 
> this is going to be done with transparency and inclusion using the pdb-gov 
> mailing list. The plan:
>  - If you want to participate in the process, please subscribe to the 
>    pdb-gov "governance" mailing list with your PeeringDB account email.  
>      http://lists.peeringdb.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pdb-gov
>  - Further emails will be sent to pdb-gov mailing list and posted to 
>    http://gov.peeringdb.com/ as appropriate.
>  - pdb-gov is where the draft organizational documents will be discussed
>    and refined.  These draft documents are up at:
>      https://www.caputo.com/pdb/
>  - There will be elections for the initial Board of Directors. Candidacies 
>    along with max 300 word statements should be submitted to 
>    secretary at peeringdb.com prior to November 15th. Anyone can run for 
>    election to the initial Board.
>  - The interim Secretary (tentatively Chris Caputo) will send out ballots 
>    to pdb-gov on November 15th, with voting to happen through November 
>    30th.  The org docs currently proscribe one ballot per member 
>    organization.  The interim Secretary will break ties through public 
>    random means.  The Secretary will not be eligible for election to the 
>    initial Board.
>  - The initial Board will decide on officers, per the tentative Bylaws.
>    The draft documents will then be signed and filed.
> Chris Caputo
> Patrick W. Gilmore
> Matt Griswold
> Aaron Hughes
> Richard A Turkbergen

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