[PDB-gov] organizational documents

Will Hargrave will at harg.net
Fri Oct 23 04:11:50 PDT 2015

> On 22 Oct 2015, at 01:44, Chris Caputo <secretary at peeringdb.com> wrote:
> The U.S. IRS Form 990 ("Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax") is 
> due May 15th of each year.  In addition to finances, it requires a list of 
> directors.  So as to have that submission be current, I recommend the 
> annual meeting to be in April.

You make a compelling case to hold this in April :-) I’m happy with your proposed wording.

> Given the above virtual meeting intention, the question is whether we 
> think 10% of pdb-gov members will attend an online meeting.  One way to 
> increase odds of reaching the quorum is to encourage proxy-ballot voting 
> for the board election, in advance of the meeting.  Doing so also gives 
> folks plenty of time to review candidate bios and make informed choices.
> Keep in mind that since the Board can vote and change the quorum 
> requirement, there is not a risk of getting trapped.

It will be much easier to collect them if we combine the ballot and the proxy form. It’s certainly comforting as a chair of the meeting to walk in with sufficient proxies to achieve quoracy. 

> Any one else support or oppose the revision?  (If we decide to change it, 
> I'll run it by the lawyer.)

Yeah, I’d probably swap 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 for clarity, but I think it’s nice.


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