[PDB Gov] Draft PeeringDB Press Release Policy - feedback requested

Chris Caputo secretary at peeringdb.com
Tue Nov 29 06:26:55 PST 2022

Happy Holidays!

The PeeringDB Board is considering the below draft Press Release Policy, 
to be posted at:


  - PeeringDB
  - Press Release Policy
  - Approved by Board [Month Date, Year]

  - Since PeeringDB serves a large diverse community in the public 
    interest, PeeringDB does not normally collaborate on press releases.

  - Any press release that includes PeeringDB, requires approval by a 
    majority of the PeeringDB Board.

  - Only exceptional circumstances should be brought to the PeeringDB 
    Board for press release consideration.

  - An example of an exceptional circumstance would be a donor wishing a 
    press release accompany a donation that dramatically exceeds our 
    highest published sponsorship tier.

  - Routine collaboration with the Internet operations community, such as 
    for a portal that facilitates the interconnection of Internet 
    networks, would not normally be considered exceptional.

  - Members of the PeeringDB community are welcome to reference PeeringDB 
    in their own press releases, such sponsorship announcements, product 
    release notes, etc., provided there is adherence to the PeeringDB 
    Acceptable Use Policy.

In regards to the high donation example, there is no donor in mind at the 
present time.

Feedback/questions/corrections/suggestions/objections/approval about the 
intent or language/grammar, etc., is welcome!

Feel free to discuss on this list or provide feedback directly to the 
PeeringDB Stewards (Board, Officers, Committee Chairs, Product Manager) 

  PeeringDB Stewards <stewards at lists.peeringdb.com>

I intend to facilitate a vote of the Board on this subject after December 

Chris Caputo
PeeringDB Secretary/Treasurer

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