[PDB-tech] PeeringDB REST API - POC question

Aaron Foss (aafoss) aafoss at cisco.com
Sun Mar 6 22:30:59 PST 2016

Hello PDB API Experts,

I'm trying to retrieve poc json data using beta.peeringdb.com.  I notice that with the other API calls you can query all the members without needing a specific ID.

Example (all AS#):

It doesn't appear this is possible with the point of contacts call:
The response I observe is the following:
  "meta": {
    "generated": 1456793085.174871
  "data": []

I notice that when you query a specific ASN, such as 13445 the POC information is empty.
Example snippet:

      "poc_set": [],

How do you identify the POC ID for tracking down a member's noc email or phone #?

For example, how do I determine the POC ID for Cisco WebEx  AS# 13445?

Thank you very much for your time!


Aaron Foss
Network Architect
Cloud Collaboration Technology Group
aafoss at cisco.com<mailto:aafoss at cisco.com>
Phone: +1 585 249 1874

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