[PDB-tech] PeeringDB REST API - POC question

Matt Griswold grizz at 20c.com
Sun Mar 6 23:04:49 PST 2016

* "Aaron Foss (aafoss)" <aafoss at cisco.com> [160307 06:30 +0000]:
> I'm trying to retrieve poc json data using beta.peeringdb.com.  I
> notice that with the other API calls you can query all the members
> without needing a specific ID.
> Example (all AS#):
> https://beta.peeringdb.com/api/asn
Off subject, but FYI, /asn is going away, see

> Questions:
> How do you identify the POC ID for tracking down a member's noc email
>   or phone #?
>   https://beta.peeringdb.com/api/poc/{pk}<https://beta.peeringdb.com/api/poc/%7bpk%7d>
> For example, how do I determine the POC ID for Cisco WebEx  AS# 13445?
I'm assuming you're not authenticated, in which case you cannot see
POC's that aren't set to be public (none are on import). I thought
there was a FAQ entry for that, but it doesn't seem like it, I'll make
a note to add one.

Try authenticating first and you should see everything you expect to.


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