[PDB Data Ownership-TF] IXP assignment IP address (netixlan) ownership (was: conditions for being listed in a facility)

Arnold Nipper arnold at nipper.de
Thu Jan 9 10:38:56 PST 2020

On 09.01.2020 19:02, Chris Caputo wrote:

> I believe the importer needs to perform an additional task:
>   - populate/update a new database table, potentially known as 
>     netixlan_ixp, which represents the IXP viewpoint.
> and once that is implemented, it can cease removing conflicted assignments 
> unless a network has opted for IX-F JSON automatic updates.

There is no reason to do so. See #585 [0] which is ready for implementation.


[0] https://github.com/peeringdb/peeringdb/issues/585
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