[PDB-announce] version released

Matt Griswold grizz at 20c.com
Sun Mar 6 18:12:38 PST 2016

* Stefan Pratter <stefan at 20c.com> [150821 11:03 +0300]:
>    * /asn end point will soon go away in favor of /net?asn=asn, which

We just noticed that we never took it away after announcing it back in
August of last year, it will be going away with the 2.0 release on
March 15th. We're removing it because it actually returns a network
object, and we'd like to leave room to have an actual ASN object in the

If anyone is still using that URL, it's as simple as replacing it with

As always, let us know with any questions, sorry if this caught anyone
off guard on short notice.


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