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> I second that. Thank you for the service!

Indeed. Thank you for your service.


> -pete
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> Dear all,
> I'm super excited to have seen new people step forward as candiates for
> the election, the resulting new Board composition, and Christopher Malayter
> stepping up to the task of leading the organisation!
> PeeringDB being a volunteer-driven organisation means that its
> participants contribute their time and energy based on an intrinsic
> motivation, which makes those efforts all the more special and
> appreciative. In this sense, PeeringDB is a work of love.
> I view rotation in leadership as a sign of the organization maturing,
> positively impacting its prospects for continuity.
> Special thanks to Aaron Hughes and Chris Caputo for all their help while I
> served as vice-president.
> お疲れ様です!
> Job
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