[PDB Tech] Using the API for integration into LibreNMS

Arnold Nipper arnold at nipper.de
Sun Mar 12 14:35:02 PDT 2017


On 12.03.2017 19:26, Neil Lathwood wrote:

> We've been working on adding some simple support into LibreNMS so
> users can list the exchanges that they are connected to and then in
> turn the peers on those exchanges and if they have sessions
> configured already.
> To do this we're making use of the two following API calls:
> https://peeringdb.com/api/net?depth=2&asn=[asn] 
> https://peeringdb.com/api/ixlan/[ix_id]?depth=2 (We require ASN for
> each peer to match with the data we have).
> Firstly I hope that these are the best two end points to use.
> Secondly I hope this is an appropriate use of the API.

Imho netixlan is more appropriate as this endpoint holds all the
relevant information needed for session setup.


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