[PDB Announce] PeeringDB 2.18.0 release at 2020-01-22T0400Z

Stephen McManus smcmanus at peeringdb.com
Wed Jan 22 07:23:26 PST 2020

PeeringDB version 2.18.0 was successfully released today 2020-01-22

A list of changes can be found here: 

This release has:
* Updates to newer versions of python and django, as well as the OS the servers sit on
* A flag to indicate a network should not be reached via route servers
* Usability improvements, including tooltips on various fields to explain what they are for
* Searching for organizations (in addition to the existing search functionality for networks, exchanges and facilities)
* Stricter validation of phone numbers
* Removing local_asn functionality from network <=> facility and ix associations

If you have issues after the release, please let us know at support at peeringdb.com.

Steve McManus on behalf of PeeringDB ProductCom

> On Jan 9, 2020, at 10:12 AM, Stephen McManus <smcmanus at peeringdb.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday, January 22nd at 0400Z, the current beta site will be deployed unless any critical issues are found. Your help in verifying that the upgrade went well by thoroughly testing https://beta.peeringdb.com would be greatly appreciated. Please review the changes and test against the beta site as necessary to prepare for a production roll out.
> In addition, we will also release the language packs that have reached maturity since our last release.
> * Important note - as part of this release we'll begin dropping support for IX LANs. No impact is expected in this release but the Admin Committee may be reaching out to various IX owners to remodel their IX objects.
> Details of this change are in github: https://github.com/peeringdb/peeringdb/issues/21
> Preview is at: https://beta.peeringdb.com
> The changes that were incorporated in this release can be found here: https://beta.peeringdb.com/changes
> As always, let us know at support at peeringdb.com with any comments/questions/concerns.
> Steve McManus on behalf of PeeringDB ProductCom

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